The Christmas Rush - How do we do it?

Date 18/11/2014

With just a matter of weeks to go before Christmas, we thought we would explain just what "The Christmas Rush" is, and some of the things we do to keep everything running smoothly during the busiest time of the year. So what is this manic rush that everybody talks about? Well, every year as Summer begins to come to an end in September, Dalepak will have already started preparing orders for the Christmas rollout to retailers. A great example of this is Molton Brown’s Limited Edition Christmas Baubles, which we started packing way back in June this year! As Christmas draws even closer, there is a huge increase in the amount of online orders we get from our client’s customers. Just to give you an idea of how much of an increase this is, we processed over 10,000 online orders in just one day a few weeks ago, and on Black Friday at the end of November, overall sales rise by up to 1000%!

So here’s just a few of the things we do to cope with the annual Christmas rush. 

  • Staffing - More orders means more work, so to combat this, we take on more warehousing staff in the run up to Christmas. 
  • 24 Hour Operations - As it’s the busiest time of year - we introduce a night shift so that Dalepak is fully operational 24 hours a day.
  • Automation - Dalepak has been heavily investing into Warehouse Automation in preparation for the busy season, meaning that specially built machines can carry out tasks such as labelling at an extremely efficient rate - freeing up our staff for other production jobs in the warehouse and overall increasing workflow and productivity. 
  • Multi-Skilled Staff - Dalepak employees are skilled and trained in multiple areas. This means for instance that when someone has finished packing in production, they can then move on to help in the web room to process orders.
  • Warehouse Process Re-Engineering –  Dalepak have just completed a redesign of the web area, changing the picking methods to make the picking to delivery to packing bend more efficient, all in all improving order flow.

Get shopping everybody - not many more sleeps till Christmas!

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