New E-Fulfilment Systems a Success

Date 06/08/2015

Over the past few months, Dalepak has been rolling out a new system to support our e-fulfilment operations and the process of packing our customer’s online orders. 

The new system runs on touch screen tablets which are situated at each work station and run software developed by our in-house IT team. The idea behind the system is to maximise efficiency by minimising the amount of clicking and typing that may have previously been done on a laptop, and also to show a graphic representation of what packing procedures are in place for a specific order. For example, when an order is scanned, a picture of each individual item allocated to the order is shown, and then a picture is displayed of the correct box to package the order in. 

Since introducing the tablets at our Pineham headquarters, pack accuracy has been increased significantly and overall productivity has grown, with not a single error being made on over 100,000 orders covering over half a million different items. 


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