Celebrating 25 Years of Business

Date 26/03/2016

Things have certainly changed for Dalepak Ltd since starting out in 1991. Over 50 customers, 8 site expansions, and a grand total of 600,000 sq ft of warehousing has all contributed to make a 25 year long, fast paced and thoroughly successful business story. Evolving alongside the rise of e-commerce after the millennium, Dalepak has developed from being a small contract packing company to becoming a fully fledged 3PL partner, offering services that cover the whole spectrum of the logistics process. Mick White, Chairman of Dalepak Ltd, has seen the business grow from the very beginning, which now places in the top 10 of the fastest growing businesses in the East Midlands. Here’s how it all began 25 years ago…

“It was 1990 and I was Managing Director at an engineering works. It came to a point in my life when I wanted to start my own company, but hadn’t yet found an idea for a business. All of that changed one day when my wife, Sheila, came home from a shopping trip telling me that she had an idea for a business, “putting things in boxes”.  At first, the idea seemed far too simple to base a business around, but after careful thought I realised that Sheila’s idea could genuinely work and more importantly could be potentially profitable. 25 years later, it’s safe to say that Sheila’s original idea was a good one.”

25 years in the business has given us the chance to work with a huge range of different customers, and whether it’s packing car engines, gift wrapping high-end cosmetics, or blending tea and coffee - we can do it! Our flexibility to work with various markets has resulted in powerful business partnerships that have grown from strength to strength. Commercial Director, Scott McGinley, had this to say about the milestone… 

“The past 25 years has seen Dalepak grow from strength to strength, expanding into a company that offers a lot more than just contract packing. We’re now working with worldwide brands, fulfilling millions of web orders year on year, and distributing to more countries than ever before, which is all testament to the hard work put in by our teams and employees. So from our small beginnings in 1991, we’ve grown masses, and compete against worldwide names whilst retaining our own as a Northamptonshire based business.” 

Dalepak would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, suppliers and employees from the past 25 years.

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